The Weekly Wrap #11


When I travelled in high school and college, I had this habit of buying lots and lots of postcards. I did that because I knew that I could never take pictures of attractions and the sights as good as a professional. (This was before I got a digital camera. Why waste film?) My intent was to glue these postcards into scrapbooks alongside the photos I did take. For some reason, I always ended up buying WAY more postcards than I would ever actually use in these scrapbooks. Heck, some trips never even got to the scrapbook stage.

One of my pandemic projects was digitizing all of my print scrapbooks and photos. First, I scanned the existing scrapbooks as whole items. Then, I removed all the pictures and scanned them as individual items. We're short on storage so I opted to dismantle the scrapbooks and just keep the pictures. They now reside in a preservation quality box... cause I'm a librarian like that.

While working on this project, I found a veritable bounty of unused postcards. They were from France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy - so much Italy. Not wanting to throw them away, I decided to use them. I love sending snail mail to people. This was a little thing I could do to stay connected. I wrote out a quick message, slapped on a postcard stamped, and mailed out a bunch of happy mail.

I hope the recipients enjoyed getting the postcards as much as I loved sending them. 

What was the last piece of happy mail you sent?

I’m still working on The Montessori Toddler by Simone Davies, but I also picked up a side read - Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein.

I was a fan of Kondo's first books so I picked this one up at the start of the pandemic thinking, "Sure, why not?" I expect it to be pretty much a copy of her other titles but focused on work. So far, it's exactly that. I love all things organizing and minimizing which makes this is a straight up comfort read for me.

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  • I'm a big fan of cake decorating videos and this TikTok of a tall, spiral geode cake is mesmerizing. [The Sweet Impact]

  • We started watching Shadow and Bone. If it weren't for the fact that we have to get up in  the morning on a toddler's schedule, I'm fairly certain we would have binged the entire season in two nights. It's totally absorbing and the world building is excellent. I am now debating if it's worth reading the books before the entire series run is done. [Netflix]

  • Our bulk order of cascatelli arrived and I finally got a chance to try it out. I made this slow cooker bolognese as our first sauce. The pasta shape has superb toothsinkability and forkability. Saucability was good but not great with the chunky sauce. The toddler approved the shape for its grabability and dissectability. She loved ripping the ruffles off and then eating them. As for the sauce itself. It was fine. I was lazy and skipped the vegetable pre-cooking step which might have changed the flavor. I also doubled the spices and added loads more garlic. Who actually follows the recipe when it comes to garlic?

  • This week, I finally got around to updating the Presentations & Publications page on my website. It had been years since I last did that. (Oops.) Updating didn't take that long, but it felt good to see all the things I've accomplished. I highly recommend sitting down one day and just writing out all your wins, stuff you've finished, or projects you've completed. It's a great mood booster.

I gave a webinar this week for ALA’s Core Division. This was the first time I included a land acknowledgement in a solo presentation. The map was invaluable to me in developing my acknowledgement.

Months ago, the husband and I agreed that we would each get a solo night at a local hotel once we were fully vaccinated to get a 24-hour parenting break. My night is Saturday and I am trying to figure out how many spa products and snacks I can shove into my overnight bag.