The Weekly Wrap #12


At the end of this week, DC got a good long soaking of rain. When I'm inside, that's fine. I like watching the rain hit the leaves on the trees. I find the sound of it splattering against the windows soothing. I've been known to turn on a rain white noise website on sunny days.

If I have to go outside, it's an entirely different story. As much as I like the rain, I don't like getting wet in it. I often tell people that I am a cat. I wear boots, sometimes a rain coat, and use the biggest umbrella I can find. I'll even finagle opening and closing said umbrella to reduce the amount of time I'm exposed to rain drops. I pout and ask the husband to drop me off at our building under the front door awning. On really rainy days, I will find any way that I can to be inside where it's warm and dry. Preferably curled up with a book or on the couch with a tasty snack. 

In rainy weather, I always see people walking in nothing but a raincoat or running through it entirely unprotected from the elements. I am baffled by kids (my own among them) who just don't seem to care about getting wet. Puddles attract them like a magnet to metal. That is a level of tolerance that I just don't have. 

How do you respond to the rain?

This week, I started reading Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly by Anthony Bourdain.

Bourdain was a divisive personality in the culinary world. Many found him brash, pompous, arrogant, and entitled. I don't think they're wrong. He was also, however, a gifted chef and writer. I am not going to forgive his shortcomings but I am still intrigued by his life and work. Many of his books have been on my TBR list for years. I was able to grab this book off our building's community bookcase.

I came to know Bourdain's work through his television show, No Reservations. I was always impressed by his narration and lyrical writing. So far, his seminal work shows that he had those skills from the start. I'm several chapters in and, while I can't say that I like Bourdain as a person, his writing still impresses and his stories are enthralling.

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  • We finished the last four episodes of Shadow & Bone. I am excited that the series has been greenlit for season 2. I am sad that I have to wait. I literally finished the last episode and said, "Gimme more!"  This is a high fantasy show that is just addictive. I was, however, surprised to find myself way more into the side stories than the main plot. [Netflix]

  • We tried recipe #2 on our bulk order of cascatelli. This time we went the carbonara route. It was tasty. Would make again. [Dinner then Dessert]

  • I always try to make one new recipe each week. This week it was mu shu chicken. It was quick, easy, and delicious. I added some sriracha on mine to up the spice factor. In lieu of traditional pancakes, we used taco sized tortillas. Not quite the same texture, but it still worked. [Weelicious]

  • This weekend was my 24-hour parenting break. I checked in to a local hotel yesterday and then proceeded to do a whole lot of home spa pampering followed by a whole lot of nothing. It has been glorious. As an introvert, the pandemic made it hard for me to get alone time to recuperate. I like people, but I recover best being on my own for a few hours. Those hours are hard to come by when you can't go any where and you have a toddler. The husband gets his break next month. Assuming he's a fan, I'm going to say that we both get to do this at least once a year from here on out. We all need time to just be who we are and do what we want.

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Starting tomorrow, I’m taking part in a three-week University boot camp that will give me a solid understanding of all the student success initiatives, programs, and offices available on our campus. The program is going to use up a lot of my work time, but I am super excited to learn and then share with my colleagues.