The Weekly Wrap #20


Last week, I posted about how angry I was about everything. Several of you reached out to me to say that you were right there with me. Thank you for letting me know that I was not alone. 

I'm still angry. All the news coming out about delta, vaccination rates, and Florida is not helping. I find myself stewing with rage or just venting to anyone who will listen. My poor husband gets the bulk of it. But, I still try to find the good in the day.

In my bullet journal, I create a page each month for "one good thing." No matter how awful a day is, I try to find at least one thing - big or small - that is good. Here are a few things I listed in recent months:

  • Getting extra banana peppers on my sandwich.

  • A cold beer at the end of a long day.

  • Daycare!

  • Flowers on the dining room table.

  • No one else using the laundry room.

  • Liam Neeson punching movies

  • Getting a parking spot in the lot

  • No meetings

  • Low humidity

  • Dresses with pockets

What is your one good thing today?

I crossed the halfway point in The Jane Austen Society. The book is leisurely paced and I feel like we’ve just gotten to the pivot point from narrative building to actual plot. It’s not my usual kind of read, but I am enjoying it immensely. This makes me want to visit all the small towns of the English countryside.

  • The pros and cons of different productivity systems. [WaPo]

  • The many kinds of tuna salad. (I'm a tuna, mayo, celery, and either sweet relish or Old Bay fan. Sometimes I'll add tablespoon or two of Italian bread crumbs.) [Department of Salad]

  • People being sh*tty to service workers ia inculcated in our consumerist society. Stop it. [The Atlantic]

  • All these productivity apps and we still can't get anything done. Why? [Wired]

  • Scream of the Week: Companies don't want you working remotely in Colorado simply so they can avoid a pay disclosure law meant to mitigate the gender/racial pay gap. ARGH! [The Atlantic]

  • The divisive garlic press. [Taste]

  • Simone Biles' routines may actually deserve higher difficulty points. [Vox]

  • This story about a flood in Britain is a perfect example of diving down an internet research rabbit hole. [Atlas Obscura]

  • This conversation with Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates should be required listening. [The Ezra Klein Show]

  • Creating a relationship contract can help couples navigate relationship stressors. [Life Kit]

  • Workers are essential and they're done being treated as disposable.  [The Daily]

  • The quest to make a Soviet cuisine. [99% Invisible]

  • I learned more about weed from this episode on edibles than I have from anything else. [Gastropod]

  • I am here for all the videos of cats loose on fields at sporting events. [Reddit]

  • More than one person sent me a link to this video and/or job posting. []

  • How the medievals made stained glass. [Victoria and Albert Museum]

  • After the kiddo's bedtime, we turn on the Olympics. They stay on until we go to bed. This week, I enjoyed a surprising amount of the race walking event. It looks so weird (and painful) but those athletes are amazing. [NBC]

  • Tried a new recipe this week - sheet pan chicken souvlaki. I swapped the chicken thighs for chicken breast and added some leftover red onion. Otherwise, I followed the recipe. We will be adding this to our rotation. [The Kitchn]

  • Our kiddo loves meatballs. I figured she might like meatloaf. I put that hypothesis to the test with another sheet pan meal. This time, BBQ meatloaf with sweet potato and broccoli. I doubled the meatloaf part of the recipe to make sure I could feed three people... and so I could make a cold meatloaf sandwich the next day. (It's delicious with ketchup, don't @ me.) Kiddo enjoyed the meatloaf after she got over her initial skepticism... didn't touch the broccoli. *sigh* [Budget Bytes]

We are on vacation. I am going to enjoy some family beach time and a toddler free date night or two.