The Weekly Wrap #9


This week, I got to prick my finger for science.

Months ago, I signed up to be in the Join the Fight COVID-19 community research project. Every day, I complete a quick survey about symptoms, mask wearing habits, and COVID results. It takes less than 30 seconds to do. The study is a part of a nationwide effort to better understand the symptoms and spread of COVID.

I was lucky enough to be chosen for the cohort of people to complete monthly serology tests. The finger prick I gave myself this week is my third one... but the first one after I was fully vaccinated. I can't wait to see my reactive results go from "negative" to "positive."

I am a firm believer in science - but usually this has meant reading, attending lectures, and watching videos. This is the first time I am an active participant in a scientific study. My contribution is small but I know that it is helping us better understand and get a handle on this pandemic.

It's not to late to join! You can learn more about the DC area study and sign up here.

As predicted, Project Hail Mary has led me to stay up reading WAY later I should. It took a few chapters but then it hit a point where it’s nearly impossible to put down. I’ve literally told myself out loud, “Go to be, Meghan.”

I just finished and have some many thoughts! This is one of those books where you want to talk about it but, unless someone else is reading it, anything you say might spoil it. I don’t mind spoilers, but I know others do. If you’ve read it or are reading it, please reply!

  • ​Moms - they are and do lots of things. [WaPo]

  • I might need to try letterlocking my next batch of snail mail. [Atlas Obscura]

  • This manta ray is a rosy shade of pink. [NatGeo]

  • What parking costs cities. [The Atlantic]

  • Always make more bacon. [Lifehacker]

  • Nikole Hannah-Jones - creator of the 1619 project, Pulitzer prize winner, and Genius Grant recipient - was denied tenure. It sets a dangerous precedent... [Slate]

  • ... and a twitter thread exploring how we got here. [@lindsayaellis]

  • Travel pictures to give you wanderlust. [Buzzfeed]

  • Does your family have it's own language? [The Atlantic]

  • I bet you haven't thought about Weird Al in a while. [The Daily]

  • The business of blood plasma. [Planet Money]

  • The legal procedures and law behind prosecuting the insurrectionists. [The Daily]

  • Why the economy is so weird right now. [The Daily]

  • Exploring BIPOC. [Code Switch]

  • A close - and tasty - look at home delivery of American Chinese food. [Dish City]

  • I have been a fan of Gerard Butler since I saw him in the Scottish film Dear, Frankie. Since then, he's morphed from an indie actor into a disaster film hero. Kind of a big switch, but I'm still a fan. We watched his latest world destruction flick Greenland. It was exactly what you'd expect out of an end of the world popcorn thriller. 

  • It's playoff hockey time and my Washington Capitals are doing... not great.

  • Years ago, friends had us over for a BBQ and one of the dishes they served was grilled romaine. It was delicious. This recipe for one-pan roasted salmon with potatoes also includes roasted romaine. It was not quite the grilled deliciousness from the BBQ, but it was close.

  • If you like sheet pan meals, might I suggest teriyaki chicken and pineapple stir fry? It was fantastic. I used canned pineapple so I skipped the honey in the sauce. It was still plenty sweet without being cloying.

Did you know Google has a website where they host all their Doodles? It’s always fun to see the other Doodles from around the world.

Friday, we leave for a long Memorial Day weekend getaway…. with our toddler. Pretty sure we just need to bring her entire room with us.