I get such overblown ideas about presentations and then regret it when I have to actually create them. I once did a "Choose Your Own Adventure"-themed presentation about information privacy and security--which was a big hit, but was SO MUCH WORK because I had to consider every possible "choice" and make sure there was a storyline that corresponded to it that was still on-topic. Sometimes simpler is much better!

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This book is so old I was in grad school when I got my first copy. I figure if this is not in your stacks, you probably know where to find one!

Working in the guv’’mint, I have less worry about graphics because we have to present in a branded template. So in addition to well chosen images, I also use classic lyrics or poems on the theme - trying not to overuse Robert Zimmerman’s thing about times changing. Then the photo can also be of the artist.

Even classic business texts (Naismith, Megatrends; Reid/Trout, Positioning, even Machiavelli The Prince have made there way into my decks).

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